Your First Visit

Your First Visit: Please allow for extra time (average time is 75 minutes) on your first visit as we have an exercise in patience for you - the necessary evil called 'paperwork'. The basics consist of the following forms: a Case History; our Privacy Practices; our Terms of Agreement, a Release Form, and a "Patient Questionnaire".  These first 4 forms can be downloaded from this site--see below.  If you complete the forms and bring them with you, the first visit will take less of your valuable time. However, be advised - United Health, Workers' Comp and Personal Injury patients will require additional paperwork.

You will then consult with Dr. Shank about your medical history, and the reason(s) for your visit. Dr. Shank will perform an examination, and, if indicated, x-rays may be taken. In most instances therapeutic modalities, such as dry hydrotherapy and/or electrical muscle stimulation to help relax the musculature around your spine, will be utilized.

Dr. Shank realizes that your time is valuable and future visits will normally take 20-25 minutes with minimal waiting.

Case History        Word Version        PDF Version

Privacy Practice    Word Version        PDF Version

Terms of Acceptance    Word Version        PDF Version

Release Form    Word Version        PDF Version

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